The next ground school will start in January  2020

PPL ground school involves a 20 class rotation. To sign up, call dispatch to add your name to the course and pay before the first class or come to the club and get it all done before class starts. The cost is 400$. It is from 1900 to 2200 Monday and Thursday for 9 weeks. You will need some books. The ground school kit is available for purchase at Dispatch for 300$. It contains From the Ground Up, Flight Training Manual, POH, E6B, protractor, ruler, CFC PPL workbook, VTA, VNC and phraseology book.

All your training will be done in a Cessna 172 and Redbird simulator.

You may borrow a headset from the club or use your own.

Don’t Forget Your Medical

Don’t forget to get your category 3 (or 1) medical done before going solo, here is a list of approved Civil Aviation Medical Examiners It can take 2 to 4 weeks to receive the certificates it in the mail. You need it with you to be able to go solo. We recommend getting your medical done as soon as you start flying to make sure your solo isn’t delayed because of paperwork.

You also need to write your PSTAR and radio test before going solo. Your instructor will give your more information on those once you start training. Study material can easily be found online or in apps.

Use the MyFBO website to book flights online or speak with Dispatch if you have any questions. 403.288.8831

Your PPL written exam may be done at the club. Speak to Dispatch to book it. 403.288.8831

What To Expect

The minimum requirements published are exactly that, the minimum. On average, it takes about 75 hours to obtain your PPL. Flying often and regularly as well as studying a lot will help you complete your training in less time. We can’t give you exact number for time or cost since it really depends on each person, what their schedule is like and how much effort they are willing to put in.

Due to the increase in demand for flight training as well as to the instructors moving on to the next step in their careers at a faster rate than in the past, we have started a waitlist to ensure the instructors have enough time to spend with each student. Please call Dispatch to get added to the New Student list. As we get more instructors we will be able to call the next student to start their training. The PPL ground school does not have a wait list.

Minimum Required Hours
Call To Sign Up For PPL Ground School – 403.288.8831

Private Pilot Ground School


Class Instructor Date Topic Reading Assignment
1 Rhodielyn Padilla Orientation
2 Rod Dixon Aerodynamic & Theory of Flight FGU     Chapter 2 Section A
FTM     Chapter 1
POH     Sections 1 & 7
3 Rod Dixon Flight Instruments FGU     Chapter 2 Section B
FTM     Exercise 24
4 Bill Bulek Flight Operations FGU Chapters 10 & 12
Sections 4, 5, 6
5 Rod Dixon Airframes, Engines & Systems FGU Chapters 1 & 3
FTM Exercises 2 & 3
POH Section 7
6 Laura McAtamney Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARS) FGU Chapters 4 & 5
FTM Chapter 4
7 Laura McAtamney CARs & Licensing Requirements Same as previous class
8 Laura McAtamney Meteorology FGU     Chapter 6 Section N-M
9 Laura McAtamney Meteorology Same as previous class
10 Laura McAtamney Meteorology FGU     Chapter 6 Section N
11 Laura McAtamney Meteorology Same as previous class
12 Bill Bulek Navigation FGU     Chapter 7 Sections A & B
VNC     Map Legend
13 Bill Bulek Navigation FGU Chapters 7 Section C&E
E6B  Manual
14 Bill Bulek Navigation FGU     Chapter 7 Section D
FTM     Exercise 23
15 Bill Bulek Navigation Same as previous class
16 Bill Bulek Navigation Same as previous class
17 Bill Bulek Radio & Electronic Theory FGU Chapter 8 Section A & B Chapter 9
FTM Exercise 24
18 Rhodielyn Padilla Human Factors Including Pilot Decision Making FGU     Chapter 11
AIM     AIR 1-3
18 Meagan White Practice Exam Review


FGU     From the Ground Up
POH     Pilot Operating Handbook
VNC     Calgary Navigation Chart
FTM   Flight Training Manual
AIM   Aeronautical Information Manual
E6B     Flight Computer

It is strongly recommended that students make every effort to complete the reading assignments prior to each class. All students are required to write a minimum of 2 practice exams available at dispatch. Once an average score of at least 80% has been attained, a letter of recommend will be issued in order to challenge the Transport Canada exam.

Your feedback aids a great deal in the ongoing development of our ground school. Please complete the ground school critique at the end of each class and submit it at the end of the course. Thank you.

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