Private Pilot License

This is the first step in your flight training.

Getting Off The Ground.

is the first step of your flight training! Through your Private Pilot License (PPL) training you will learn about meteorology, navigation, theory of flight, Canadian Aviation Regulations, and flight operations.

After completing your PPL, you will be able to fly during the day while keeping visual contact with the ground and continue on to additional ratings that will allow you to fly in various conditions. This includes your Night Rating, Instrument Rating (IFR) and more.

You must be 17 years or older to complete this license, but we allow training can start at the age of 15. You also need your PPL to start your Commercial Pilot License. 


July Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday Ground School Schedule

Become a cfc student

Call us or come into the club to sign up for a CFC Membership. Please note we are not able to accept international students.

Pstar & radio license

Once you are a member of the club, you can come in and write these exams. There is no appointment required.


The PPL Ground School requirement is 40 hours. Ground School can be taken at CFC or another facility. Click to register.

Get your medical

You will need a Class 3 medical for the Private Pilot’s Licence. If you are interested in further training, we recommend a Class 1 medical. Search for a location here.

APPLY To Get Flying

Submit an application to our scheduling department with your completed prerequisites. You will need to complete all five prerequisites to apply. Contact dispatch for more information.


You can take your Private Pilot Written Exam here at the club once you are ready. Please contact us to direct you to our exam administer. 

Transport canada Minimum Costs for private pilot license training

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Hours Type Rate Total
45 Cessna 172 Rate $195.00 $8,775.00
17 Dual Instruction $70.00 $1,190.00
3 Simulator $125.00 $375.00
Flight Test Exam Fee $400.00
Written Exam Fee $210.00
Ground School $400.00
Supplies $320.00
$11,635.00 + GST

*prices subject to change

**does not include medical fee

Planning for your private pilot license

The above costs are based on Transport Canada minimum required hours. The National average for students is typically 85 – 90 hours to feel fully prepared for their flight test. Generally, CFC students spend between $18,000 and $25,000 to obtain their Private Pilot License.

The Calgary Flying Club is a hub for flight training in Alberta. We have been supporting aviation since 1927.


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The Calgary Flying Club is a hub for flight training in Alberta. We have been supporting aviation since 1927.

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