Banquet: Unfortunately, the banquet will not happen on October 20th as planned. We will reschedule and adjust the event to better align with our memberships interests. If you have bought tickets, call dispatch to get your money refunded.

WMB Overhaul: WMB will be getting an engine overhaul. We will also take this opportunity to upgrade the current 150hp to 160hp with the goal of getting the whole fleet fitted with 160hp engines.

Night Bookings: Our day bookings are very much in demand and often full. We want to remind our renters and CPL students of the benefits of flying at night. The planes are still available for bookings after 1630 and the airport is a lot less busy (shorter wait times). It is also important for the career pilots to remember that for your ATPL, you will need 25 hours of night x-country PIC which is a common problem for ATPL applicants. Don’t forget, you require 50 hours of cross country PIC for your Instrument Rating so you might as well do 25 of those hours at night to also meet the ATPL night requirements. It would be beneficial for CPL students to do most of their time building at night to meet these requirements.

Night Hours Requirements – CPL
SOLO: (II) 5 hours solo flight time by night during which a minimum of 10 takeoffs, circuits and landings were completed.
DUAL: (I) 5 hours night, including a minimum of 2 hours of cross-country flight time;
DUAL: (II)5 hours cross-country, which may include the cross-country experience stated in subclause (I);

ATPL (career pilots)
a. The pilot-in-command and/or pilot-in-command under supervision flight time shall include a minimum of 100 hours cross-country flight time of which a minimum of 25 hours shall have been by night;
b. 100 hours night flight time as pilot-in-command or as co-pilot

For full requirements consult Transport Canada website at:

Maintenance: Artisan Aviation, our maintenance facility, has opening this winter to do non-CFC aircraft maintenance. If you are interested in bringing your own aircraft to Artisan and support CFC at the same time, call or email them at 403-286-5816,

Correction for Sustaining Members meeting: Last email indicted the wrong date for the Sustaining Members Meeting. I will be held at noon on December 1st at the Hangar Flight Museum (Lancaster Room).

New Benches: The Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) Chapter 1410 and the Calgary Airport Authority have recently completed the installation of public viewing benches in a prime location to view aircraft operations at the Springbank Airport. The benches, made of recycled, maintenance-free materials, are located in the northwest corner of the parking lot adjacent to the Calgary Flying Club.  The area has long been popular with airplane watchers, and provides an excellent view of landings and takeoffs on Runway 35/17 (North-South), as well as of aircraft on eastbound approach to Runway 08.  Springbank Airport is one of the busiest airports in Canada, even though it has no airline traffic. While most aircraft movements are for pilot training, many are private and charter flights as well as firefighting in the summer.  In good weather, there is always lots of action to see.  Come and enjoy the view.

The EAA is an organization started in 1953 to support individuals who wanted to build their own aircraft. The organization has grown to over 200,000 members and hundreds of chapters worldwide. Although its main focus is still support of amateur-builders, EAA supports all facets of general aviation, including private flying, vintage aircraft, warbirds, aerobatics and helicopters. EAA is very active in the promotion of aviation safety. For more information, see   For information on EAA Chapter 1410, see EAA 1410 wishes to thank the Calgary Airport Authority for their enthusiastic support of this project.