Commercial Ground School: Our next start date will be September 12. Classes will be on Wednesday night from 1800 to 2200 and Saturday Morning from 0800 to noon. The course will be lead by Bill Bulek and guest lecturers. A schedule will be available at dispatch shortly. Last day to register will be August 31st. The poster is attached. This is the only class room delivery of the Commercial Ground School in Alberta and is a great way to kick-off an aviation career or just take up your piloting skills.

Corn Roast: The Members Program Committee have set this years Corn Roast dinner to take place on Saturday August 25th from 1600 to 1900. The cost will be $5 and will include a burger, corn, chips and veggies and a drink. The event poster is attached. We have created a  page to organize volunteers. Click here to sign up:

Banquet: This years Banquet will be held on Saturday October 20th at the Hangar Flight Museum. Tickets will be available for sale as of August 14 for $75. Tickets will be available for purchase at the Corn Roast and anytime from Dispatch. The poster is attached.

Rentals: The sun is still gracing us with its presence in the evening. Many planes are available for evening bookings. Give Dispatch a quick call or book online!  Rental aircraft also available on the weekends.

Cirrus and Citabria Check-outs:   Want a unique flying experience?   Get on the list for a type check and a senior instructor will have you in the air shortly if you can be a little flexible with your schedule.

Member Matters:   CFC advocates for respectful use of booking privileges.  CFC has been experiencing unprecedented cancelation of bookings (rental and dual) with minimum notice and no-shows in recent months.  Late cancellations and no-shows impact other Members, instructors, asset utilization and financial outcomes.  Often CFC is unsuccessful in filling the booking on short notice even with a backlog of students wishing to take flight training.  Firstly, we ask all Members to be considerate of others, but CFC Policies have been amended to require 48 hours prior notice of cancellation for all bookings (excepting substantiated weather and medical reasons).  The late cancellation fee will continue to be $94.50 but a no-show fee will be $200.  If a Member demonstrates a pattern of cancellations and no-shows, then booking privileges and flight training may be suspended or limited at CFC’s discretion.

Effective September 1, all annual memberships will be $100. Members must be in good standing to access: program wait lists, ground schools, flight training, rentals, building-use privileges and social events. Sustaining Members pay an additional $25 fee and participate in governance and sustaining activities of the Club. Within the next two weeks, a compendium of updates will be made to Club Policies and an updated document will be available to all. Please take the opportunity to become familiar with the changes. Copies will be available at the Club and on-line.

Pegasus, the mythical flying horse, is coming to CFC. Stay tuned for some exciting news on CFC’s advanced training programs. Watch for CFC news the week of August 20, 2018

Upcoming Flying Events:

Edmonton Airshow: August 18 and 19

Fairmont Hot Springs Fly in Breakfast: August 18 and 19

Rocky Mountain House Fly-in Breakfast:  August 25th  8-11AM.  Let plan for an 8AM briefing, upstairs,  for a group flight with wheels up at 8:45.

Reno Air Races: Sept 14 to 17.  This year, the club is planning on having a group fly out to the Reno Air Races. Some rental planes have been reserved for this. The plan is to leave on Friday September 14th in the morning and return on the evening of Monday September 17th. We will be hosting an info night on this event to answer any questions and do a mini class on transborder flight operations.  Shared flights, time building and group flying fun will be organized at the meeting by our leads Robin Gill and Bill Beaton.  Be at the Club at 18:30 Tuesday August 21st to learn more and get connected.  Pilots, instructors, aircraft owners and passengers are welcome.